Ford Kinter
Peace of Mind Insurance cover for all Australians

Ford Kinter - Insurance Experts You Can Trust


We are expert insurance brokers operating in Australia since 1986 and are members of the Insight Insurance Brokers Association. With over 25 years of our collective experience and knowledge, we provide the best insurance advice and services to our clients including:

  • Careful selection of insurer
  • Expert recommendation about the most suitable product
  • Correct pricing
  • Claims support

Our highly skilled and experienced customer service representatives deliver outstanding service and value to our clients. We listen to our clients and understand their requirements, and then suggest the insurance options most suitable for each individual or business. Our clients also get the benefits of product comparisons and competitive terms through our access to a large number of insurers, as we deal with all leading Australian insurers.

We pride in our company’s heritage of honesty and trust, which has been our strength through the 26 successful years we have been in the industry.


Contact your nearest FKA branch today to let our experts assess your requirements and assist in your risk management.

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